Land of Rest


“Land of Rest” is an old American hymn-tune from the Sacred Harp tradition. This arrangement features SATB choir, a soaring violin duet, and a new lyric that addresses many of the issues of the present, while still maintaining the vocabulary and idiomatic integrity of the American hymn.  A crowd pleaser!

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Land of Rest

Traditional Melody, Arrangement and Lyrics by Katie Kring

“Land of Rest” is a new arrangement and lyricization of an old American hymn-tune. The tune “Land of Rest” first appeared in the Sacred Harp tradition, but has since appeared in the hymnody of numerous American denominations under other titles with other lyrics. When I was commissioned by Gerrit Scheepers and Brooklyn Choral Artists to write this arrangement, I was also asked to write a new lyric under the old title “Land of Rest.” This new lyric and setting speaks to both contemporary and timeless concerns in the traditional idiom of American hymnody.

O Land of Rest, for you we pine
When our anguish knows no end
Land where our tears are wiped away
And our divisions mend

With broken hearts and tear-filled eyes
We tremble in our grief
But from the sorrows of the world
Is born God’s sweet relief

The shadows fall and death lurks near
But through our fears we pray
For we know that the darkest night
Dawns to the brightest day

O Land of Rest, to you we fly
Where wars and borders cease
There, mortal enemies from earth
Are brothers now in peace

The joys and sorrows of this life
Shall pass before our eyes
Though agony will lay us down
In ecstasy we rise.


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This is a digital score (PDF).

You must purchase a score for every member of the ensemble.


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