Trifi-Trifinitsa (A Greek Nursery Rhyme)


This lively Modern Greek piece uses a text that is the sort of nursery rhyme sung to babies, wherein one would grab and tickle the baby at the end, on “tsaka to kalo pethi” which means something along the lines of “grab the pretty baby!” It can also be sung as part of a playground hand-game, along the lines of “Eenie Meenie Miney Mo” or “Quack-diddly-o-bo.”
Other than the last line, the lyrics are nonsensical rhymes and do not translate to English in any coherent way.

Each verse should be faster than the last, and accelerate throughout, until the song is moving as fast (or slightly faster) than is possible.�

Note: This is a digital download (PDF).

You must purchase a copy for every member of the ensemble.

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